This means that a birth family and prospective adoptive family have come together by means of someone other than an adoption agency.  In a private adoption, the prospective adoptive family cannot provide living expenses or pay or promise anything of monetary value.  If the birth family is in need of financial assistance, you must involve a licensed agency.  We also handle private same-sex adoptions.

Private Adoptions

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In Texas, any child age 12 or older must legally consent to the adoption.  Consent is given by having the child sign a simple document that we will provide and turn into the Judge.

Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) is an agreement between all 50 states that sets certain standards for adoptions, making sure that every adoption is completed across state lines.  In the event the prospective adoptive family or the birth family lives in a state other than Texas, you must go through an ICPC.  You will stay in the state where the baby is born until approval from both states.  This process can take 7-14 business days. 

Extended Services

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Recognition of Foreign Decree of Adoption


Military Adoptions

Depending on your child's immigration status when you brought your child to the United States, Texas law provides for you to have your foreign decree of adoption recognized under the laws of the State of Texas.  If your child is recognized under the laws of the State of Texas you can obtain a new birth certificate and changing the child's name.

Generally, we complete the termination and adoption within the same hearing.  The adopting family and child being adopted must attend the hearing along with any family and friends to celebrate the adoption.  After the completion of your adoption, we amend the birth certificate from the state the child was born in.  Social Security cards is a matter the family will be responsible for after receiving the amended birth certificate.

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Family Adoptions

A gestational agreement is a contract between two intended parents and a third party (a gestational mother) who is willing to give birth to a mother and father using their sperm and egg. A Gestational Agreement is ensuring to establish the parent-child relationship when a child is born through assisted reproduction.  This agreement must be in writing before conception.  Once the agreement is signed by all parties, we will file a petition and the agreement must be approved by the Judge before conception.​​

If you are needing a home study, home study update, adoption evaluation, an agency for birth parent expenses, or post placement reports, please contact our office directly for fees and appointment times.

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We understand your service with the military and are here to help.  As a member of the military, you have an unique advantage when it come to adoption.  We can assist with overseas, out-of-state family or private adoptions.  We can also provide you the necessary paperwork for a DOD reimbursement.

Adult Adoptions

Gestational Agreements 

In all family adoptions, the adopting family must  terminate parental rights.  Whether a parent is deceased, absent, or willing to sign a Affidavit of Relinquishment.  We understand ever case is unique and will access each case carefully.

If you fostering a child and decide to make that child your own, we can help.  We will work closely with your CPS worker, finalize your adoption and amend the birth certificate.  If you are subsidized through the state, we will direct bill CPS.

Foster parent Adoptions

Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children

Every adopting family will have to complete an Adoption Evaluation.  A court order will designate an adoption evaluator to complete a report and will determine what is in the best interest of the child.  Each family over the age of 18 years old and lives in the home will be asked to run their Texas Criminal History.

An adult adoption is someone over the age of 18.  Many adult adoptions can be done for symbolic reason or for other legal reasons i.e. a step-parent may move forward with an adult adoption without the consent of the stepchild's parent.  

This process is a simple, quick process.  Terminating the parental rights is not necessary in this process.  The overall process mainly consists of legal documents that will be filed, the adult being adopted will sign in front of a notary agreeing to the adoption, followed by a quick court hearing.  You will have a choice to amend your birth certificate.

Family adoptions include step-parent, grandparent, and aunt & uncle adoptions. Adopting a family member is a unique circumstance, one that can be positive in many ways.  Making the decision to adopt a family member may be the next big step in completing your family.