Adoption Models

Closed Adoption: Birth parents select an adoptive family from de-identified profiles of families provided by the agency.  However, all aspects of the adoption are kept confidential and any correspondence must be done through the agency.

Open Adoption
Birth parents select an adoptive family either through the agency or through mutual contacts. Birth parents may receive varying degrees of identifying information by agreement with the adoptive family. Home studies are kept confidential. Copies of the adoptive parents' profile are given to the birth parents when a selection is made.

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US birth certificates under a Texas adoption decree.

​International Home Studies are prepared by experienced adoption workers for parents seeking adoption form other countries.

​Free counseling.

​Medical, living, financial and transportation assistance.

Choose adoptive family.

Determine level of openness with adoptive family.

Direct placement with family.

Private or agency adoptions.

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​Building families for over thirty years.
Adoption, A Loving Option
Do you feel alone in making one of the most important decisions of your life?  Mike Lackmeyer has qualified adoption counselors to help you make the decision that is right for you.  A trained counsel will help you look at all options that are available to you.  Whether it is parenting, adoption, extended family placement or temporary care while you make this decision, staff is in place 24 hours a day to take your call and give you the support you need.  Staff will help you find medical care and will evaluate your need for financial assistance. 

​A placement decision can only be made 48 hours after birth.  All services are free for birth parents who are thinking of making a placement decision.

Make that free call today and help your baby onto a path that will insure his or her future.

Seeking To Adopt?
Mike Lackmeyer has a unique understanding of adoption issues.  As an adoptive parent he knows how difficult the road to adoption is.  As an attorney he can help you with all types of adoptions.  His wife is the founder of Triad Adoption Inc., dba Child Placement Center, a licensed adoption agency, he is able to provide agency services to assist birth parents in many ways that other adoption attorneys cannot.